Desert Dwellers

About Us

Where did we come from?

Desert Dwellers, our small, independently owned family business, first opened its doors in 2001 after noticing a gap in the market.
We started with a small order from our first supplier Oztrail.
At the time diving into a retail store, from a previous Upholstery and Shade business was a major change.

As our knowledge grew so did our business and it has continued to grow in scale every year since. Supplying Campers and Caravaners of every level, from beginners all the way through to even the most advanced.

2014 saw us move into a larger building to house our over stocked showroom. This gave us the room to expanded again and in 2015 we became an Opposite Lock stockist, giving our customers even more options by adding an ever growing list of suppliers for quality 4×4 equipment and accessories.

As leaders in the outdoor, camping and 4×4 industry we strive to provide our customers the best brands and products the industry has to offer. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative products.

Owned and operated by John Herlaar, our very own Cameleer for over 17 years. In 2017 John decided it was time to step back in the hopes of retiring, which saw his oldest Daughter step in to manage the business. In true Herlaar form, instead of retirement John took on a new project, something close to his heart and a life long dream of his – Camel Tours NT. Whilst he was born in the city, the outback is his true home

Our Old Store

Scroll through some images of our old store below